by v8.7




This was a crazy video that we shot in Santorini, Greece and Istanbul, Turkey. My plan was to shoot while I was on a donkey going up their famous trail.  Once the tour guide saw that I was shooting a video he thought I was some famous singer and began demanding me to pay him more. I had a real laugh when he'd stop the donkey every few feet and put out his hand. I didn't speak Greek, he didn't speak English- I also had no more my ride was short but I got some good footage.

Filming in Turkey was also a hoot!  We spotted an interesting wall with graffiti. As we started shooting, a man came next to me and started singing along. It's my original song so I'm not sure what he was singing but he was determined to be in the video . At the end, you'll see him trying to kiss me - right on the lips!! But I managed to turn to the side and he got the cheeks...nice try buddy!





My Funny Valentine was shot in Skagway, Alaska.  Our initial concept was to film a  "Blair Witch", style with the camera being all shaky and stuff, but it didn't really come out that way. Anthony Paiano, my husband really liked the way the light came through the trees so he played around with that idea.  In the end, it could have been filmed in any forest around the world without anyone knowing the wiser - but we did get a few mountain-scapes to prove it really was Alaska.





It always seemed to rain in Punta Renas, Costa Rica in the afternoon, so we needed to make sure we shot "Paper Boat Dreams" before the weather turned. It looks like I'm all alone on this beach but there were a lot of people that we had to film around to create the solitary vibe we were after. I found this little hill that I sat on that was pretty desolate but this little Chiahwawa kept popping his head up. We desperately tried  to film around him but as an afterthought he may have made a cute cameo!   Right as we finished Anthony Paiano, captured a fishing boat zooming by which fit the theme of the song.



It was time for me to use these "honkin" big sunglasses I purchased in France on one of my videos, so I chose this one! We filmed "Love's Got a Mind of it's Own" in Monte-Carlo, Monaco and Sorrento, Italy.  I wanted to capture myself overlooking the ocean from Place du Palais on top of the hill (Monte-Carlo) .  If you look closely you may catch one of my yatchs - kidding. We also had a fun time running around Sorrento, shooting while passer-bys gave us these "who is she" stares. - Keep them guessing right?



"Half" was filmed in Barcelona (Spain), Athens (Greece) and Rome. We flagged down a taxi guy  who drove us to the Acropolis in Athens and he waited patiently(well we were paying him) while we shot the video. I can't believe how hot it gets there. Holy Kowabunga! Thank God for water bottles.

In Barcelona, I  spotted all this graffiti  painted on the "garage-style" pull down windows of the stores.  They were so colorful and added an artsy backdrop to the video. OK, I know I said this was also shot in Rome, but that's a half-lie. The closest port to Rome is called Civitavechia and that's were we shot the rest. I did visit Rome, but "the pope said nope" to filming in the Vatican...actually I never met the pope but man, does he ever have a great art collection.



Another video taken in the blazing Mediterranean sun! We shot this in Dubrovnik, Croatia (where they filmed Game of Thrones) and Venice, Italy.  In my imagination I pictured myself  singing in a Venetian  gondola  being whisked away by some hot Italian gondalier (is that a word). But at $150 Euros a pop ($200. US) I stuck to the cheaper (but not less impressive) route walking through bridges and alleyways. I did get heat stroke at the end and  a taxi rushed me back to the ship...Canadian blood sucks sometimes.

In Dubrovnik, I brought an umbrella, even though the sky was... well sky blue and not a cloud in sight. As we were about to head back, nasty clouds came from out of nowhere and within minutes we had a downpour - you'll see this right at the end of the video. Somebody up there was listening when I put in my request for rain!